Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pyrrhic victory

(A victory that is accompanied by enormous losses and leaves the winners in as desperate shape as if they had lost)
Pyrrhus, a first century general and king of a Greek tribe, after winning the battle of Asculum remarked “one more such victory would utterly undo me

The events leading to the vote of confidence and the high voltage proceeedings in the parliament confirms that the “triumph of democracy” in India has put the country in the battle weary shoes of Genral Pyrrhus.

Right from the day the left withdrew their support to Government when the issue of nuclear deal (who cares! ) took a back seat and all other issues ranging from naming ceremony of Lucknow airport to more serious issues like “how money was allowed into the parliament” took the center stage, the purpose of the battle itself was lost.

Prime Minister Dr.Singh has outlived his reputation as an elite bureaucrat (legacy of his early IMF days) with modesty as his face mask and emerges to claim his rightful place along side PV Narasimha Rao(irony of Shibu is not lost!) and his likes. Any way he won. Or did he?

Decades after his grand mother gave a call for “garibi hatao” Rahul Gandhi finally managed to find the root cause of poverty in India – the energy crisis! If Rahul’s grand son is able to find out WHAT poverty is, we can complete the cycle of victory.

The lone MP from Manipur claims in Parliament that after 4 years he finally supports the UPA because the PM has promised to redraw the state’s boundries with Nagaland. Overnight redefining of territorial boundaries is indeed a sign of victory. Of?

But years later , it will be remembered that while many won the battle, some FOUGHT!


Anonymous said...

dear blogger....

did not understand your views....why where you not condemning what the left has done? Joining hands with Imelda Mayawathi? What do you have to say on this?
Yes indeed it was a sad day in the *annals of Indian politics and shame on all is the same reason why I say all these politicians are ******* ******** ( i hope i can use my strong feelings here ).....Believe me no one is a can CPM dismiss Somnath? just because he did not dance to the tune of Carrot? I had some respect for Karat...but now that is gone...for CPM's whims everyone should dance. How can anyone who has got guts and back bone be in a party like that

Coming back to your tirade against Manmohan....Believe me he is better than any other ****** in that parliament....I would rate him and Abdul kalam as the best Indian Parliament has seen. We need bureaucrats to rule India...maybe people who has got a human touch...who also understand the feelings and hardship of teh poor. They are any day better than these croonies...spineless *** *****....

July 23, 2008 10:24 PM

(*edited by blogger)

Unknown said...

babu sir...fine tat u have enlightened us with the past..or may be wat has been comin thru these years..but either u or any other here can just throw light on the reality..lets leave wats the history behind or attitude of 2 parties..just i need answer for 2simple and plain questions..
1. is congress the real culprit for tat dramatical mockery happened in parliament? if yes, wil any kind of enquiry can bring them in front of the screen, tat too when they are the ruling party?
2. whther bjp had themselves fabricated a mock up like this, when they were sure they are gonna loose? ultimately where did tat money come from?
3. wats the stand of ldf after this defeat? wil they accept ths fully?can they justify themselves on their deeds done of the poor speaker? just clarify...


Babu Syed said...

hi sanu,
i havent condemned the left. how can i when they tried to expose the deal's fallacies? (hidden and more obvious ones) .as for aligning with imelda, can u give any other option? "clean" enough for the left to align with and also satisfy you too?
when money power was able to buy members from all political parties, the left have proved not only that its members arent buyable but even approachable. you want me to condemn them for that? oh, no!(no one is saint?)
for somnath's expulsion pls visit this blog for the next entry.
And for ur suggestion of governing India with bureacrats, why did we allow politicians to get involved in freedom struggle against the British? we could have let beuracrats do it for us?

Babu Syed said...

is congress the culprit? i dont know.i dont know yet. But i sure do know (and it has been proved) that PV Narasimha Rao's congress bribed Shibu soren for him to vote in favour of congress a few years ago. but those MPs who cross voted and abstained.. do u think all of them did it out of concern for the nuclear deal?
as for ur query about ldf's(u mean left parties) defeat, those who won have a "pyrrhic " victory. knowing fully that they are going to be "defeated " in the parliament, the left decided to wage a battle. do u think they will lie down ? just because of bhagath singgh was hanged, did the freedom fighters accept defeat and left the battle field?

Anonymous said...

Pyrrhic victory or not only time will tell! The BJP is not very convincing in its arguments(half-hearted). Advani's body language suggests a greed and hurry for PM chair. This was the right moment to kill off the Congress govt once and for all. Now without left baggage, govt can do reforms or sell off some badass PSUs for bucks. If they managed to run a decent govt from now on and inflation dies off natural causes, BJP will face a resurgent Congress in the next election. But certainly we need a iron fisted PM other than MMS next time around. Masochists like Pranab mukerjee and Manmohan singh cannot deal with vile &conspiring leaders in the neighbours in China,Pak,Srilanka,Bangladesh or Nepal.