Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Evolution, Disturbed

"Parinaama parischedham" (rough translation: evolution, terminated) was staged on 6th February at Indian Social Centre, Abu Dhabi as part of the annual family meet of College Of Engineering Trivandrum Alumni Association in UAE.
The pace at which technology is advancing, it was felt that those who graduated as engineers long ago would be misfits in the modern world. The University decides to cancel their degree certificates and asks them to undergo a crash course in modern engineering trends. A group of engineers from UAE find themselves in the same class room of CET along with a few big timers like Shri. Madhavan Nair, Shri Suresh Kumar IAS etc.
The story culminates in the teacher realising the futility of conducting such a class when Shri Madhavan Nair fires up  the Chandrayaan probe successfully. (not before the teacher whisking away Arashamoodu Saaraamma, with whom he has developed a more than academic relationship by this time)

Script: Madan Mohan

On stage:

Mathew Verghese
Sanu Mathew
Babu Syed
TS Jacob
Madan Mohan
Dileep VS

"upstaged" by:  COAT in tholaninja kurukkanmaar! 


Anonymous said...

i understood that this was a great program.
Moreoverkoyaakkaa and other friends told me that the program was super.I was not able to attend this time due to some other personal commitments.congratulations to all who made this happen.
I am waiting for the next programme.

Babu Syed said...

Evolution, undisturbed is on TV: Watch Kairali TV on 1oth July 2009, Friday 02:00 PM IST