Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where are the Roses of Yester Years


In 1991 , I went back home. By that time, I have spent more than half of my life in hostels and boarding schools. It WAS a real HOME COMING for me!
But I was not allowed to enjoy the luxury of home for long. Friendly enquiries from kind neighbours "entha joli onnum kitteelle?" (not found a job , eh?) made me leave the safe confines of idleness and launch myself from the the city of MADRAS.(the nearest CITY!)
Armed with just a few half baked dreams and a degree (half baked?), started my journey, alone.

MADRAS:(aka Chennai)
Eventhough Chennai was my base, I was busy setting up Refrigeration Plants and Cold Rooms in places as varied as Udupi and Maldives.It was during this time that I had many an unexpected meetings with the forgotten roses.
A gentle tap from behind while I was waiting for the traffic signal in Spencer Junction, MountRoad brought me face to face with Biku Mathew Chacko. ( a couple of years back, heard he was in Bangkok)

After a film screening, when the lights came back in Gorkhy Bhavan, I recognised the face of Shailesh Baskar. He was doing his M.Arch  in Anna University.

Another day, I noticed in a hotel in Madras that the guy sitting in front of me was equally interested in me as his dosas.A couple of stares and glances later, "thirontharathalle padichadhu?" broke the ice.

Sisupalan reintroduced himself .

Later when Ganesh joined L&T , he teamed up with Sisu. I used to disturb them often, mostly after 10:30 pm.( remember the nightmares!)

Also Balakrishna K. He remebers the chance meeting we had and the time we spent in the streets of Madras?

While on a trip to Thiruvanathapuram, even met the mighty Kovalam Rajan.

And "Vettu Vinodh", of all the places, in the deserts of Jhalawar, Rajasthan.

In 1997, from Madras, I jumped to Saudi Arabia. (Dhahran in Eastern Saudi Arabia) I was keeping the Aramcoans cool.Contact with friends were confined to emails and snail mails.
Dinesh Venugopal had almost day to day correspondences, but some time later we lost each other. Raju TK with whom I had (and still have) contacts kept me posted about news out there.

After my stint in S.Arabia, joined ETA, Dubai(1999). Came to know there is an active alumni association with regular activities. Could not meet anyone except a few like Mathai, (Mathew Verghese) who walked into my office to meet the guy sitting next to me!.(small world!)The reason I could not meet other guys was that, I was assigned a job (Air Conditioning, if you dont know what I was doing any way) in Egypt and had to leave for the land of Pyramids.

EGYPT:(aka El Misr)
Mother of the world led me into the new Millenium. I will cherish for years to come memories of the early hours of Jan 01. 2000. The first sun rays of the Millineium
found me perching dangerously to the rocks on top of Mount Sinai(where Pr.Moses is supposed to have received the commandments)

And soon after I received my Angel. Fathima became my wife.

Could not meet any of the CETians in Egypt! But online contacts with Balakrishna,
Jahangeer(singapore), Ganesh, Thakazhi etc continued.

After 2 Egyptian years, am back here in Dubai.Trying to get the old contacts renewed.

Expecting a new flower to bloom in mid January....
The journey continues.....

November 21 2001.

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