Thursday, August 6, 2009

Indo US End Use Monitoring Agreement

Based on article by Mr. Ashok Parthasarathi, (Science advisor to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi) in The Hindu dated Aug 06 2009.
EUMA signed between India and USA grants permission for US inspectors to monitor and inspect hi tech weapons supplied to India by US.
  • no other country from which India has imported and is importing hi-tech defence and other equipment — be it France or other West European countries, South Africa, Israel or Russia — has ever asked for an EUMA, even when India imported state-of-the-art weapon systems.
  • under the EUMA India has to turn over to U.S. inspectors .... all data and information logs containing the entire history of the equipment as used by India.
  • Any software changes done to original equipment by Indian Software engineers becomes evident to the U.S. inspectors.
  • India is now fully aware that the technical and operational data relating to the weapons , particularly modifications and improvements India has made as collected by U.S. inspectors, are passed on by the U.S. government to Pakistan.
What is happening already , even without the EUMA agreement?
See the case of Helicopter-carrying vessel USS Trenton, which was imported and inducted into the Navy as INS Jalashar. The U.S. undertakes surprise inspections of any part of the vessel; studies all ship logs, requires a U.S. Navy officer to be on board when India makes any modifications or improvements or even repairs to keep the old vessel going… And this for a 30-year-old helicopter-and-troop carrier.
Against such a background, what kind of EUMA will the U.S. apply should India decide to purchase one or other of the two U.S.-origin multi-role combat aircraft — the F-16 offered by Lockheed and the F-18 offered by Boeing — against the Rs.42,000-crore global tender floated by the Defence Ministry for 126 such aircraft last year? The conditions will obviously be far more stringent than the inspection methodology and coverage which apply to the EUM for individual weapons such as artillery and radar. What will the government do then?
  • It is important to also note that all the three defence service chiefs have vehemently and repeatedly, verbally and in writing, individually and collectively conveyed to New Delhi at the highest levels their strong and total opposition to India entering into an EUMA with the U.S.
With these numerous, wide-ranging and highly deleterious implications for India’s national security of the EUMA, it is imperative that the Government of India terminate the EUMA.

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