Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 - A byline.

Anna Hazare and the unknown Mayan. Underachievers.
Santa Claus .The Italian marine driver.
Fidel Chavez. The fighter.
Mary. Came Khome.
The General. Raged. And Aged. And then raged.
Obama. Cry more. Sell more. What The Gun!
Pranab da.  GAARed upstairs.
Kasab. Closured.
Assam burned. Neighbour, Banglored.
Wikijailed.  KalmadiRajaMozhi bailed.
Crores CAGged. Loss Zeroed.
Kingfishy lies.
Coal blackened.
god, Particled.

2012. The cliffhanger.

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