Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Remember....

I remember the falling Sky Lab.
the day Indira Gandhi was killed.
" Illustrated Weekly of India"
Short wave Radio
Trunk Call
My dear Kuttichaathan
shrubs as boundary walls
Harshad Mehtha
Dilip Doshi
Lonely bus rides, rain forcing through the torn window curtains...
Ghosts under the chair
God up above
Black shoes, yellow gifts, nursery rhymes..
naive honesty
Perry Mason
Multiplication Tables (11 X 11 = 121)
Kerosene Lamp
Flowers of December ....

And forgot a lot others.


Readers Dais said...

forget-quite natural,but true experiences do become memories

Aji said...

Babu...what thoughts is a pleasure always reading your blog...ajith